Devon Spier invites the entire self into Jewish living.

With bottomless loving-kindness, she welcomes you just as you are and amplifies people at the margins to create a Judaism that raises life and community to what it ought to be;

Utterly Jewish and undeniably human.

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A compassionate listener, conscious co-creator, and unconventional meaning-maker – and now a bestselling author on Amazon – Devon cultivates powerful and encounter-based Jewish art, education and ritual with North American individuals, institutions, communities and groups.

Her projects and programs are highly sought after by questioning students, gobsmacked  board members, stuck entrepreneurs, conflicted octogenarians and political hopefuls. And her Jewish liturgical poetry is used by emerging, Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Reconstructionist and transdenominational communities around the world.

A government-recognized supporter of women and girls, Devon believes that the personal is political and provides proven policy, procedure and engagement advice for community groups to include the unincluded and centre the most vulnerable.

Her writing, speaking and teaching locate the power of who we are within the messy and miraculous lifespans of our ancestors in order to demonstrate that the secrets of the universe are unfolding every moment of our lives within Judaism and within us.

Finding a life worth knowing and valuing in every person, Devon is eager to discover you and your community and share the real moments of being human that fill up our beating hearts.