Whatever it is, gently: Quiet Meditations for the Noise of the Pandemic by [Devon Spier, Pauline Williamson, Hila Ratzabi]

An accidental elixir of mistake-ridden tirades punctuating the daily dirges and oh-so-familiar acts of a world wiser and yet laughably, cryingly gone sideways…

This collection of short coronavirus-themed meditations un-sanitizes the strange griefs and grandeurs we are individually and in shared, albeit mystical but mundane ways, all currently experiencing during the pandemic.

Stopping to thank the masked stranger, yell periodically at G-d and all the while lamenting and celebrating her lack of faith, she impels readers to make out mostly meaning and all the heart-shattering, opening and still-very-much stabbing glass ceilings in this global meltdown/moment.

Here, queer and unsurprisingly weird, Devon offers up a shamelessly unknowing meditation, the kind of world-worn oh-whoopsy theology that is in the same breath funny but fearless, hopeful but skeptical, tired, so very tried, tried and always (somehow?) completely true:

Anger. Fear. Hurt. Hope. Solace. Surrender and no shortage of grace…

“Dear heart, you can just stay.”

And each day, we can weather the states of our selves and embrace the united states of Pandemonia for hope-making and transformative good.

“Whatever it is, gently” broke into the Top 200 in meditation books the week of March 15, 2021!