“JEW-ish Designs” is an online irreverent art depot, providing art that makes you laugh, cry, say “why?” and think.

As Chief Curator and Digital Design Theologian, Devon cultivates portable poems, prose and theology that inspire you as they revitalize you.

“Proudly Ambivalent AF,” this collection of mugs, wall hangings, magnets, notebooks and scarves provides needed and relatable reminders of life’s serious funnies, overwhelming complexities and unmistakable beauties.

Putting the “People” back in “Jewish People,” you are invited to literally wear your sacred in the same threads as your profane.

Note that for July all proceeds from the sale of our first design will go toward LGBT Youth Line because queer youth and queer elders aren’t safe in Ontario libraries. And what is a Jew to do? Make art and mutually aid!

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