Devon has just launched a custom Friday night service book for brilliant and busy political aficionados who are engaged in the work of making the world better and yes, the struggle to stop for a while, get in tune with their hearts – and pray.

Made especially for those who need a rest & reset button and who identity more with the presentation of a Buzz Feed quiz and meditation book rather than a prayer book, “Better Angels” takes the timeless words of President Abraham Lincoln, that the better angels of our nature prevail, and applies these to reinvigorate the meaning and experience of  preparatory psalms and words on Shabbat.

Because singing out to mythic angels, as the traditional prayers call us to can be a bit intimidating, this book uses modern and pre-modern angles on freedom, democracy and individuality to allow for an intimate and highly relatable prayer experience that elevates the senses.

Drawing on the exceptional Hebrew translation provided by Aharon Varady (Open Siddur) and the brilliant, crisp and flowery editing and design skills of Hila Ratzabi and Kevin Romoser, “Better Angels” takes action-oriented people where they need to be; ready to take that next big spiritual and political leap.

Interested in producing something similar that is relevant and custom fit for you, your organization and community? Get in touch with Devon on the “Contact” page and she’d be delighted to set up a consultation and hear what energizes and inspires you and your people.