Soaring, wrenching, and always  heart-stretching, this offering is truly a treasure. The spirit moves here.

Rabbi Sharon Brous
Senior and Founding Rabbi of IKAR

From the moment I turned to the first page, my heart became full and my tears fell at the beauty revealed: poems of journey, of revealing and being revealed, of becoming and blossoming and finally, accepting. Devon braids the connections between our own very lived lives and our ancestors who came before.  She does so with enormous grace, respecting the wisdom of our sages and familiar metaphors of our tradition and still asserts a fresh way of seeing. Her voice is needed in this fractured world – her words heal, and lift. Devon has a gift that shimmers and shines and draws one in for more. What a joy.

Rabbi Jill Zimmerman, Founder and Leader of Hineni – The Mindful Heart Community and The Jewish Mindfulness Network

Devon is a rabbinical student and a thinker on all matters Jewish. Her poems are deep, and meant to be pondered, not to be read casually. Her writing is particularly powerful for those whose Jewish and life paths have been challenging. At the same time as she addresses difficult challenges, she always comes across at optimistic and life-affirming. It is wonderful to see her weave Jewish texts into her work, bringing them alive in new ways.

The poems in this work can be used by the individual reader and also have potential for use by study groups and as supplements to prayer books. We can expect to see more great writings from her. As a rabbi, I look forward also to her joining our ranks and providing unique approaches to the community.

Rabbi Arnold D. Samlan, Chief Jewish Education Officer of the Jewish Federation Broward County, Florida

Spier ably uses the hypnotic power of lyricism to shift from voice to voice, from feeling to feeling, throughout the book. In doing so, she offers us company, a host of role models, and the feeling of being seen, ourselves, through her examples on the written page …

Across the length of this collection—or is it the winding road of a single book-length poem?—we end up somewhere new. “There is a space/ Beyond guilt/ And struggle/ And shame./ The space where the ladder ends./ And we all begin.” Spier is not promising us an easy journey, but she is inviting us to find deep meaning in our steps, some of which will take us deeper inside. “Our desert thirst is worth more than the mythic homes we set out for,” we learn. “And to walk is greater than to grasp.”

Note: Excerpt published from a book review on that can be found here.

David Ebenbach, Author, “The Artist’s Torah”