If you are a Jewish person, institution or community looking to walk your Torah, envision inclusion as more than another e-mail blast, and have people who earnestly want to do the work of growing community at the intersection of innovation and meaning but just need to learn the how, please be in touch with Devon to discuss consultation.

Devon is currently not accepting new individualized coaching clients but is accepting consultations for organizations and communities.

What makes Devon different from other leaders is she does not merely implement a change process or assume that she has the answers. Rather, she pays attention and works with individuals and groups to carefully discern the barriers to desired change, working to coach, mentor and, indeed, challenge leaders to forsake the status quo in favour of something more intentional, more life-giving, and just deeper.

Devon is interested in working with fledgling communities or more developed ones that are interested in taking it up a notch and actually crafting a working mission that directly connects their constituents to the wider world. And frankly, she believes that every person inside and in particular, outside, a particular institution has some part of that place’s wider story and vision.

Devon supports leaders who reflect on themselves but who are pinned down by structures and leadership arcs that are exhausting and demoralizing. And with much chesed and hizuk, she reminds you that you have everything you need inside of you. And that your community can be a place you belong and lead boldly, too.

What Devon has consulted and coached on before:

Opening the Kitchen But Rejecting the Food Label– How to welcome in the reluctant, the hurt and the disconnected, and get fired up about Jewish community that matters and work broadly on social justice issues that reflect our most deeply held Jewish values.

Board Stiff Overcoming survival mode, compassion fatigue, rule-based idolatry and ideology to reintegrate Jewish mind-body integration into your daily routine as a non-profit professional.

– Jewish Re-Generation- Bridging structural and behavioural gaps between millennial and boomer populations in Jewish boards, organizations and communities and creating an inclusive, vibrant and viable future together.

Re-imagining Power: Deepening Safety and Consent in Jewish Community – So your community is looking to address gender violence. But where do you start? Teaching the tachlis or details of consent, this workshop allows attendees to learn and practice the necessary conversational and organizational skills to deepen health and safety.

– ‘Turn My Mourning Into Dancing’…But First Mourning – In narrative group, a brave space will be held for community members to share and probe the effects of communal and individual trauma as forces in their daily lives. Ritual, tanakh, and Jewish sources, including music, will be used to create a non-judgmental, Jewish discussion space.

– Going Deeper: Toward a Trauma-Informed Jewish Community – In collaboration with Jewish individuals who have lived experiences of difference and oppression, this workshop will provide a storied approach to understanding the limits and opportunities of Jewish community to recognize and fully support members, guests and strangers.

– A Living, Breathing & Loving Intersectionality – Developing trauma and power-informed practice of solidarity and social justice organizing in relationship with Jews, racialized, religious and ethnic minorities (workshop co-led and developed in partnership with racialized, BIPOC, queer and non-binary social justice organizers).

Spiritual and Religious- Re-positioning our selves and our synagogues on the contemporary ladder of human beings.