Devon is currently teaching her signature workshop “Heart Mapping: Writing Our Personal Lines in the Communal Jewish Story.” Please click the “Contact” page to be in touch with her and receive a collection of existing workshop topics and activities as well as to schedule a workshop. 

As your artist-in-residence, Devon is committed to using the written, spoken and visual arts to engage your senses and experience the power and beauty of your existence and community.

Her artist-in-residence programs are warm, creative, inviting, experiential and engaging. As much as she shares her words, she will work in relationship to each community, individual and group to draw out yours.

Whether you are navigating change, love, confusion or doubt, or seeking a way to mindfulness and daily joy, reach out to Devon to talk spiritual exploration with profound delving into Jewish text, history and culture. She will craft a workshop, learning weekend or evening designed especially for you and your community.

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