Devon has proudly led prayer, taught Torah and consulted with Reform, Reconstructing Judaism and independent Jewish communities across North America.

She is a trained songleader and a soulful and inspiring vocalist that combines singing with storytelling, working in settings as diverse as summer camps, open mic nights, Hillels, community centres and most recently, a museum.

If you are seeking serious but captivating study and prayer but with rhythms of the Jewish calendar or just looking for something a little unconventional that gets people talking, praying and feeling, this is for you.

Invite Devon to be part of your community for a Shabbat weekend and you will be treated any of the following:

(1) embodied Jewish practice of meditation and reflection

(2) outdoor or social justice learning that provides a transformative walk-your-Torah experience enabling you to move, talk and pray your Judaism boldly in the world.

(3) thoughtful text study on the week’s Torah portion synergizing tactile and mixed-media arts

Note that all programs are configured with utmost respect to minhag hamakom and your community’s observance practice and needs.