“if we are to sing, let us sing to lives of feeling…”

Image result for feelings are okayi do not beseech my soul for healing

healing is a mask that separates the old
from the new

there is nothing that has happened to me
that isn’t still happening

i stand (T)here today
to beseech my soul
for feeling

and i wail!

(for the unspent hour
in the unspent life
for spending time
waiting on someone else’s story
when i could have been
wailing my own
for all religion no playing
for all the secrets wailing
waiting in you too)

my notes are my power
and i
playing the past
past all present redemption fancy
me at my most jewish
my most elemental
is music

please turn past the next page
and lay yourself down
for all prayer
no healing

if we are to sing
let us sing to lives
of feeling

let the present come through us playing
no instruments
hearts wailing


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