Shamor v’Zachor: Gathering in Shabbat’s Sacred Lights

Wherever you are. However you choose. To gather your hands in And make blessing. Zachor: To remember. and Shomer: To observe this holy day. May you gather in the strength of generations. To bathe yourself in the lights of where you came from and what, now, you must to do and not do for the sake … Continue reading Shamor v’Zachor: Gathering in Shabbat’s Sacred Lights

You are Your Seder Table

Sometimes, the table is not wide enough. There are so many guests that There is hardly space for you. Or maybe there isn't a table. You didn't grow up at one. So, you don't quite know how to recline. Or sit comfortably at a stranger's. In the absence or presence, may you find the strength … Continue reading You are Your Seder Table

Chosen Family Sukkot Seder

This seder is held on the 7th night of Sukkot. All participating guests are called into the kitchen, dining room, community or common room (if using a larger space). The host welcomes everyone and passes out ritual cards with the seder readings on them. Asking all guests to put their hand on a plate or a dish, (s)he/ze invites an individual guest to volunteer to read: O … Continue reading Chosen Family Sukkot Seder