the trenches were empty now and between loss and limb, an otherworldly whisper- “the warzone you have been fighting in is, willfully, a pasture” and from the blood-soaked battlefield, plants enough to outlive even death.    

love on the edge of stones and bitterness

Love is not the possession of commandments stone Or a lover's banner dangling pleasingly upon the skin But, the moment after the last song is sung and all the wine has all been drunk. When only woundedness And the revelation of a prolonged aching keep us company. Love lives here. Unmasking and detaching And for … Continue reading love on the edge of stones and bitterness

Omer, Day 43: Love of Sovereignty

kindness does not enter the house newly built, with wet paint still, white picket fences and the softness of chimes rocking little children to bed. rather, kindness enters the house whose baseboards have broken, whose wallpaper is yellowed and faded and whose roof is one small crack from the ruin of caving in. kindness billows … Continue reading Omer, Day 43: Love of Sovereignty

Choose Life: A Slichot Blessing

What of our lives, when our brother's blood cries out from the ground? Do we remain clean-shaven? A peaceful shepherd? Or do we spend our days, "few and evil," trying ceaselessly to steal what was never ours to claim? As we prepare to trace the world's beginnings, may we choose life. As we greet the … Continue reading Choose Life: A Slichot Blessing