Chosen Family Sukkot Seder

This seder is held on the 7th night of Sukkot. All participating guests are called into the kitchen, dining room, community or common room (if using a larger space). The host welcomes everyone and passes out ritual cards with the seder readings on them. Asking all guests to put their hand on a plate or a dish, (s)he/ze invites an individual guest to volunteer to read: O … Continue reading Chosen Family Sukkot Seder

Erev Yom Kippur: Why Do We Fast?

Why do we fast? To pour open To make art To taste the berries. To see what it looks like to put ourselves together again. To empty out the unnecessary parts. To hope beyond fraility. To live with our pain. To find something buried below our skin. The words, "You were meant to live." And … Continue reading Erev Yom Kippur: Why Do We Fast?

Elul: The Shofar

The sound of the shofar calls to us from the realm of ancient longing. Which though seemingly back there. Is actually, here. In the moment we remove the veil of forward and back And decide, instead to face life as is. Yes, all of it. New Moon New Year and mourning. Each of these like … Continue reading Elul: The Shofar

Choose Life: A Slichot Blessing

What of our lives, when our brother's blood cries out from the ground? Do we remain clean-shaven? A peaceful shepherd? Or do we spend our days, "few and evil," trying ceaselessly to steal what was never ours to claim? As we prepare to trace the world's beginnings, may we choose life. As we greet the … Continue reading Choose Life: A Slichot Blessing